Entertainment [noun]

Definition of Entertainment:

amusement, pleasure

Opposite/Antonyms of Entertainment:

Sentence/Example of Entertainment:

As long as it’s entertainment and within meme culture, she says, “we’re in the clear zone.”

As more consumers ditch their cable companies, it means fewer are paying local taxes for TV entertainment, which are capped by federal law at 5%.

Given those ties, it’s easier to see why both Triller and TikTok’s push into entertainment crossover.

Nearly five months after much of the entertainment industry shut down, musicians still can’t tour and actors still can’t make movies or shows.

Scrap video entertainment, grab flashlights, lots of board games and load up on app games like Head’s Up.

OfficeMax launched an entertainment microsite that lets customers create fun images from their photos.

The most significant rise was noticed in categories like entertainment, news, and children’s content.

The website features authentic content оn popular topics like wellness, technologies, travel, sports, and entertainment.

Groceries, household supplies, personal care, and entertainment are among the categories in which consumers plan to maintain spending.

Don’t forget to turn off background entertainment, such as phones, radio and television.