Surprise [noun]

Definition of Surprise:

something amazing; state of amazement

Opposite/Antonyms of Surprise:

Sentence/Example of Surprise:

Halbert's first emotion was surprise, his second was gratification.

"Certainly, Robert," was the reply, but the lawyer's manner showed some surprise.

My reason for concealment was, that I might surprise you at the end of this voyage.

The lawyer listened with surprise to the story Robert had to tell.

But to his surprise he found that Mrs. Rushton was inclined to regard it favorably.

He left her studying the card with a curious little flash of surprise.

There was one difference, however, between the surprise felt by the two.

They stopped short in surprise at the sight of Robert and Bates.

He left me at that time, and to my surprise did not return to the ship.

A look of surprise, mingled with consternation, sprang into Grace's eyes.