Disillusion [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Disillusion:

To lie thus in deadly weakness and drink in the traits of the beloved, is to re-awake to love from whatever shock of disillusion.

One can easily imagine the surprise and disillusion of the four pupils of Zimmermann—MM.

She did not disillusion him; to do so she would have had to tell him that she had lied.

In the millennium an educational genius will write a book to be given to every young man on the date of his disillusion.

For some time the prisoners remained pale, motionless, and speechless, weighed down by this horrible disillusion.

Only here and there is there the slightest disillusion, and this mainly in the use of some ultra-modern phrase or word.

Life was there—life that embraced success and failure, illusion and disillusion, birth and death.

He doesn't in memory see the eagerness in a good friend's eyes die to disillusion, to hopelessness, to bitter, bitter sorrow.

Now, on several occasions in the past Percival had met Disillusion face to face in a bathing-suit.

However, the days that she passes with the poet are filled with disenchantment, disillusion, and bitterness.