Embitter [verb]

Definition of Embitter:

upset, alienate

Synonyms of Embitter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Embitter:

Sentence/Example of Embitter:

Fortunately he did not live long enough after his brother hopelessly to embitter his daughter's youth.

If he did not at once forget the woman, the memory of his existence of luxury never returned to embitter him.

And I will embitter thy life, and poison it, first: and then I will take it away.

The final draft that would embitter his years was added the sixth night after the accident—the night that Henry died.

I would not, for the sake of my party and beliefs, embitter what remains of my old friend's life.

Even personal defects are dragged in to prejudice the reader and embitter the venom of irrelevant abuse.

I loved her devotedly, and that perhaps was one great cause of the jealousy which began to spring up and embitter my life.

I only mention it to show how tile most trivial circumstance contributes to embitter the cup to the man of adversity.

This cannot but embitter their views against English rulers, and strengthen their leaning to national sentiments.

It could only embitter his last few hours; and, besides, we had six months to think of it.