Envenom [verb]

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Make happy









Sentence/Example of Envenom:

It is for us, then, to nurse the antagonism already existent between the two, to envenom their mutual mistrust and reproaches.

And which is still worse, the Mischief spreads dayly, and the Malignity grows more envenom'd.

Passions it is, human passions, intermingling with the wrong itself that envenom the sense of wrong.

To all the passions which usually envenom contests among countrymen, avarice was added, and rendered their enmity more rancorous.

In short, people fear that this is a sign that England wants so to envenom the situation that war will become inevitable.

They also understand and sometimes employ poisons, not to envenom their weapons, but for secretly taking off an enemy.

I will carry you, then, at a walking pace; your head has not closed again yet, and a rapid ride would envenom the wound.

All power being given to the awful enemy, he is beautiful where he pleases, in order to point and envenom his ghostly ugliness.

If we continue in this strain, caballero, we shall only envenom our discussion, without coming to an understanding.

In a heart already alienated from the established authorities, this could only envenom a bitter spirit.