Heal [verb]

Definition of Heal:

cure, recover

Opposite/Antonyms of Heal:

Sentence/Example of Heal:

They haven’t even begun to pull the knife out, much less heal the wound.

If the injury led to death, the bones would not have healed.

We need to do a lot better job listening to what’s going on and how we can be helpful and heal.

While it still may have been possible for Nurkić to return had the 2019-20 season continued apace, the coronavirus-induced suspension of play gave him even more time to heal and work himself back into shape.

However, despite the fact the Grizzlies will likely get Justise Winslow back on the floor now that his back injury has had time to heal, FiveThirtyEight is pessimistic about their chances of holding onto their spot.

In an additional study, the team found that the same approach can heal severe wounds.

One day as Mrs. Worthington stood beside her child she felt that God wanted to heal her.

He sat stunned before the amazing revelation of how little time and distance had done to heal his hurt.

Rest in our quiet family affection will soon heal you of this fever, for it is nothing else.

Enter my service, and you shall be rich and happy; my favors shall heal those wounded limbs.