Conciliate [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Conciliate:

He urged, that it would flatter the peculiarities of her character, and might conciliate her good offices for his liberty.

She begged her not to read too late, and went out, promising to conciliate the offended Mrs. Hofer.

William omitted nothing that a brother could have done to soothe and conciliate a brother.

He spoke as if he would conciliate the ghastly shades that moved restlessly up and down, when suddenlySanders, dont be a fool!

The King had probably hoped that, by calling them to his councils, he should conciliate the opposition.

All the concessions made, however, failed to conciliate the Irish members.

The Queen is Austrian, and she has never gone out of her way to conciliate the people by making herself really Spanish.

It was guarded by a dog and a green dragon, to conciliate which the dead were furnished with slips of paper by way of toll.

His attitude towards the judges was admirably calculated to conciliate their favor.

"And as it is all important that you conciliate that power, I am going to give you a few instructions," said Bixiou.