Irritate [verb]

Definition of Irritate:

upset, anger

Synonyms of Irritate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Irritate:

Sentence/Example of Irritate:

My husband takes it in stride, but it's beginning to irritate me.

So, I wanted to ask you about that in the context of founding and running Whole Foods and some of the things that you have done and said that do irritate people.

If you’ve found some bedding irritates your sinuses or allergies, this topper is for you.

Breathing in smoky air can irritate the respiratory tract, leading to coughing, sore throats and itchy, watery eyes.

And, such was his varying luck with the cards, he played for an hour or so without having won enough to irritate his companions.

Mrs Everett had chosen for her rle an amused superiority, knowing it would irritate Letitia Prall more than any other manner.

If I had my way you would, said OLeary, with bad grace, for the doctors cool assurance had not ceased to irritate him.

Leir is annoyed by the failure of his scheme, and the poisonous words of his eldest daughters irritate him still more.

I'm sure to say something to irritate him,' said Sarah in a hurried undertone.

Ted has hoped to irritate Oliver into argument by the closing remark, but the latter only accepts it with militant gloom.