Annoy [verb]

Definition of Annoy:

irritate, upset

Synonyms of Annoy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Annoy:

Sentence/Example of Annoy:

Many will be shamed into apology, who would annoy you for hours, if you encouraged them by acts of rudeness on your own part.

Something had happened to disappoint and annoy them—that much he could gather from their gestures and impassioned speech.

You will probably cause utter confusion in the set, annoy the others forming it, and make yourself appear absurd.

There is a distinction also between acts that annoy and those that injure adjoining property.

They don't know when to stop talking about it, they really annoy one with extravagant praises of them.

Let each one be allowed to think as he chooses, but let him not be allowed to annoy others for their mode of thinking.

These things need not annoy a speaker; yet they are conditions which must be obeyed by a writer.

If I understand you rightly, monsieur, you have decided to rid yourself of persons who annoy you or displease you?

But let me tell you and your hero, that if any of you dare to annoy or lift a finger at me again, you shall do it at your peril.

That is more than I know, madame; but this much is certain, this tenant is not likely to annoy you in any way.