Irk [verb]

Definition of Irk:

aggravate; rub the wrong way

Synonyms of Irk:

Opposite/Antonyms of Irk:

Sentence/Example of Irk:

He was like a fly condemned to spend his life in the irk-some society of the spider.

The restrictions of the house began to irk her, and she was afraid of the garden.

The school drew revenues from the mills on the Irk in the days when that stream ran in limpid purity into the Irwell.

But even an influence as kindly as this gentle, indulgent old man's may irk.

When he had apparently made all ready, he stooped down again and smoothed out a ruck, lest its discomfort should irk the dead.

His Grace owes a debt to the national institution, and it seems to irk his conscience until some equivalent be made.

The south bank of the Irk is here very steep and between fifteen and thirty feet high.

This is the first court on the Irk above Ducie Bridge—in case any one should care to look into it.

Here flows the Medlock with countless windings through a valley, which is, in places, on a level with the valley of the Irk.

Unused to continuous labor, they irk under its discipline, drop out, and fall into desultory habits.