Ruffle [verb]

Definition of Ruffle:

mess up

Synonyms of Ruffle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ruffle:

Sentence/Example of Ruffle:

All right, then; that letter I wrote is a shirt, and the welkin's the ruffle on it.

It is a curious fact, but it is difficult, do you know, for any one to ruffle me.

Should she come to harm in the ruffle, where could I get such another?

In fact, there was nothing that the world could do to Him that could ruffle the surface of His spirit.

A kind of ruffle or frill, worn formerly round the neck—a collar.

"You'll ruffle it to the gallows, no doubt," he said contemptuously.

Sometimes she turned her face to the wall and lay there, not even a ruffle quivering.

The most trying and provoking things, I observe, can not ruffle you.

Now, what can have happened to ruffle so serene a nature as his?

Did you ever feel like arguing with a gentleman when you had on your second-best clothes and no ruffle?