Discompose [verb]

Definition of Discompose:

provoke, agitate

Synonyms of Discompose:

Opposite/Antonyms of Discompose:

Sentence/Example of Discompose:

There's no Rencounters, no starts of Passion, no suddain Accidents to discompose them.

I have been ill,' said she, 'and am still so weak that any trifle can discompose me.'

Arthur was slightly embarrassed, and his companion looked at him, wondering what could thus discompose his usually sedate friend.

The friendly visitant could not discompose them by a remark indicating any expansion of mind or life.

This may be a case of strange accidental resemblance, which would be enough, under the circumstances, to discompose any man.

"You will discompose her, my masters, if you praise her thus to her face," said Tristram somewhat testily.

This shocking catastrophe, startling and suspicious as it was, did not appear to discompose the nerves of Madame Duparc.

The sounds all around did not discompose him, for his eyes showed that he was waiting for something.

And she stood gazing at the master with a look so entreating as slightly to discompose him.

And having been long used to sea-voyages, those motions, although sometimes very violent, did not much discompose me.