Faze [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Faze:

Sonnenshein said he is not fazed by the prospect of price or regulatory turmoil, noting that Grayscale has weathered such events in the past.

With both its retail operations and its profitable cloud services business throwing off cash, Amazon’s infrastructure spree hasn’t fazed investors.

One community organizer told Grant that gang members aren’t fazed by the audio sensors.

Instead, “what we’re finding is rhinovirus,” which cause colds, Subbarao says, suggesting that rhinovirus hasn’t been fazed by all the public health measures.

They may tell me we had a heavy storm in the middle of the night, but it didn't faze me one little bit.

Once or twice they came near having a spill in wind that didn't faze us a bit.

She got witch en' hoodoo charms, en' say ol' Nick en' all his imps cayn't faze 'er.

With only two of us aboard you know how easy she climbed; three passengers she could hoist, but four might faze her.

Seems as though his sense of proportion was out of gear; and you cant faze him, either.

And I've made up me mind to take it as it comes, and not let anything faze me.