Appall [verb]

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Our house had been struck twice and the shrieking balls and bursting bombs were enough to appall the stoutest heart.

The sight of the glaring eyes and the blood-red fangs was enough to appall the stoutest heart.

Such a far-reaching programme might well appall the most energetic reformer, but Dr. Buttrick set to work.

She with such fear O'erwhelmed me, at the sight of her appall'd, That of the height all hope I lost.

These men never pause before obstacles which would appall others.

The uncompromising coldness and solidity of the viands was enough to appall a man conscious that his digestion needed humoring.

It was enough to appall a stouter heart than Joel Jerdan's; no wonder he had recourse to the brandy-flask!

At surgeon's call every morning there were sights which were enough to appall the stoutest hearted among us.

He must either give up his legal tyranny and yield you to us, or else face a future which would appall even a braver man.

But he laughed as he spoke; for there was no trouble in their hearts, neither could anything appall them.