Intimidate [verb]

Definition of Intimidate:

frighten, threaten

Synonyms of Intimidate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intimidate:

Sentence/Example of Intimidate:

They said in an interview that guards and inmates had been making intimidating comments to her following her accusations and that she felt unsafe.

In the past six months, Eknelygoda’s wife, Sandya, said she believed witnesses in the case were being intimidated, and threats to her and surveillance of her family had increased.

Keep immigrants feeling unwelcome, keep them afraid, keep them intimidated, and keep them away from knowing and asserting their rights, including their right to vote.

Cops, for instance, couldn’t intimidate a witness, lie in the course of an investigation or participate in a law enforcement gang with “a pattern of rogue on-duty behavior.”

They are easily intimidated and remain silent for fear of retaliation, fear of losing their jobs, fear that nobody will listen or believe them.

They’re sending people out to intimidate voters, and they’re lying about the security of our ballots.

Often these letters do the trick, intimidating writers who might not have the knowledge to know a legitimate case from a bogus one.

On one occasion a noted professional duellist thought that he could intimidate him.

Were these figures going to the enemy Chief they might intimidate him—coming here they alarm me.

To intimidate them, Dunmore issued proclamations, and threatened freeing the slaves against their masters.