Scare [noun]

Definition of Scare:

frightened state

Synonyms of Scare:

Opposite/Antonyms of Scare:

Sentence/Example of Scare:

What's any of them little haythen been coin' to scare ye, missy?

You've played jokes on her, and told her things to scare her—and my grief!

I just know he's a cowardy-cat, because he's always trying to scare ME.

With Mr. Morris at the front end of that log, there's no hope of scare.

Not just because I was frightened, it wasn't so simple as a scare.

I guess I won't go ahead and scare him off; he'll stay and pick around.

It had been conditioned to scare easily, where blueskins might be involved.

Not that I was so homely I'd scare the crows, but he didn't want me to be vain.

If he is, he must stand at the gate and scare off Come-Outers.

Do you really attach importance to this scare of a German invasion?