Panic [noun]

Definition of Panic:

extreme fright

Synonyms of Panic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Panic:

Sentence/Example of Panic:

Seized with a panic, my mother, to make a man of me at once, sent me to —— school.

The panic excited by the squatter skunk had been another lesson.

But he had scarcely marked the paper when he started back, in a panic.

After the panic had once seized the enemy there was but little firing.

I have allowed myself to give way to panic like a child in the dark.

A panic was surging through me; must I be brought to book by such as he?

I came in a panic, which is still there, but in a modified degree.

Alice clutched Walter's arm in a panic; they were just at the driveway entrance.

Then, after a few moments, inactivity would bring him panic.

All the carriers dropped Smith's body and bolted in the panic.