Dread [adjective]

Definition of Dread:

horrible, terrifying

Synonyms of Dread:

Opposite/Antonyms of Dread:

Sentence/Example of Dread:

Prized for their efficiency — and dreaded for their overconfident drivers — these taxis are an essential part of mobility on the continent.

The best horror games build a sense of dread and vulnerability, and this moment from “Little Nightmares 2” captures those feelings perfectly, through unsettling sound design, Tim Burton-like art direction and a slow, gradual buildup to a scare.

As I mentioned, I have a son in ninth grade, and like so many, I’m kind of dreading the college-application process.

They raced down well-worn pathways of my brain, the ones that lead to dread and fear.

Most of us want to travel back home to Nigeria, and we have iPhones, we have dreads.

Though the road ahead is rocky, we no longer need to live in dread.

As we plunge into the depths of a winter that many have been dreading, one thing is clear—it’s important to be prepared.

Either way, we’ve researched some of the best snow shovels currently on the market, so now you won’t dread those impending winter storms.

Finish with a bangFinally, most bakers dread the random air bubble that wreaks havoc on a sliced cake’s appearance.

A proposed pied-à-terre tax, dreaded by everyone in the industry, remains possible.