Peacefulness [noun]

Definition of Peacefulness:


Synonyms of Peacefulness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Peacefulness:

Sentence/Example of Peacefulness:

Could she not fall asleep serenely in the peacefulness of her chaste soul?

He felt profoundly happy in the peacefulness and cleanliness of the garden.

Placid and even radiant in its peacefulness lay the face of Ralph's mother.

The peacefulness and quiet of nature found no response in her heart.

They say that her mind is in a very beautiful state of peacefulness.

You think, perhaps, that this peacefulness has come by chance?

Roy lay by his kennel looking the image of serenity and peacefulness.

It frets and irritates the one, it is the key to the peacefulness of the other.'

There was a peacefulness in his eyes such as she had never seen before.

He had never had this peacefulness of feeling for any woman.