Impassivity [noun]

Definition of Impassivity:


Opposite/Antonyms of Impassivity:

Sentence/Example of Impassivity:

Tuttle rose lankly, his thin watery eyes staring with fixed impassivity.

The old feeling of family and race gives him an impassivity and a detachment of sacrifice which is beyond my understanding.

Something in Julia's handsome impassivity stirred the other to a rage, more becoming had she not been the arch offender.

Vincenzo sat still in the car, a model of patient impassivity, but he turned a hungry eye on his master as he came down the steps.

My head was whirling, but a graven image might have envied me my impassivity.

On his brown, flattish face were remarkable the impassivity of the Indian and the astuteness of the Scot.

A flash of malevolent fury broke Ah Sing's mask of impassivity.

After a moment he became aware of the impassivity of her fingers within his violent grasp.

The man looked at the card presented, his professional impassivity flickering, but shook his head.

For the first time in her knowledge of him, the mask of impassivity dropped from his face; his cold eyes gleamed unpleasantly.