Passiveness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Passiveness:

Reflects on the Harlowe family, and particularly on Mrs. Harlowe, for her passiveness.

But it was absolutely necessary first that she should be reduced to passiveness.

The strength in her was the strength of passiveness; she could endure, but she could not battle.

Even then Moslem passiveness proves often an immovable inertia.

One is led to suppose, from their passiveness, that they are content with the system.

The essence of these lies in the passiveness and neutrality of the intellectual powers.

Oswald, with the passiveness of a tired child, submitted to it all.

And this passiveness was so unusual with her that it alarmed and irritated Percival by turns.

Miss Arden often wondered afterwards at her own passiveness through all this.

She folded her hands with a passiveness which boded future ill.