Resignation [noun]

Definition of Resignation:

relinquishment of responsibility

Synonyms of Resignation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Resignation:

Sentence/Example of Resignation:

Everybody said that he had only succeeded in showing that his resignation was unnecessary.

I marvel at the sense of duty, the resignation, the sacrifice.

Then she found that it was only stoicism, resignation, that they had learned.

And the Captain accepted her decision with resignation of his own.

I wonder, now, could we persuade Matthew to send in his resignation.

Somewhat surprised at her lack of protest--or was it resignation to the inevitable?

He'll send in his resignation to you the night, Mr. McCaughan.

The Professor had genius, but lacked the great social virtue of resignation.

I will resign it; for ever I will resign it: and the resignation must be good, because I will never marry at all.

Nay, my dear, if you cannot be all duty, all resignation—better stay where you are.