Renunciation [noun]

Definition of Renunciation:

abandonment, rejection

Opposite/Antonyms of Renunciation:

Sentence/Example of Renunciation:

It was through her renunciation that he had grown so strong, so pure, so good.

She had wept only in the struggle of obedience and the renunciation of passion.

The renunciation, the conquest of sex—it is this that must be gained.

He talked of renunciation, but it was with an anguish so keen as to make me wince for him who felt it.

There is no halt to be looked for, no tranquillity in renunciation and wilful blindness.

She had accomplished a hideous act of renunciation and returned to the One.

I can only tell you what I know—that there is no way of peace but the way of renunciation.

If I had been weak, I should have groaned aloud in the agony of renunciation.

Zora knows this glimmering light is not love, but renunciation.

It cost the other woman an effort of renunciation, but she was steadfast to her secret purpose.