Abjuration [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Abjuration:

This having been read, he next had to read word for word the abjuration which had been drawn up for him, and then sign it.

Copies of the abjuration were immediately sent to all Universities, with instructions to the professors to read it publicly.

They even accepted the general's excuse for not at once taking the Oath of Abjuration.

The Oath of Abjuration was tendered to him and he refused it.

We may even get her to maintain that her abjuration was the result of a snare, a surprise.

You abjured your crimes and voluntarily signed this abjuration with your own hand.

On the second day after the abjuration, the patient is out of danger.

Whereupon the Major came near and offered her the abjuration, charging her instantly to swear it or else return to the water.

The day after the atto di fede his disciples performed their abjuration.

After listening to his sentence, Toro made the required abjuration, accepted the penance and disappeared from view.