Recantation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Recantation:

He persevered in Calvinism after the recantation of the King.

Becoming, however, sensible of his error, he publicly renounced his recantation.

You say this slavery business is to last until I make my recantation?

With regard to the recantation, however, let me say at once, I shall not sign it!

He was restored to his pleasant quarters in Newgate, and recanted his recantation.

His recantation, which he afterwards made, is in the British Museum.

Dodds would have sent him to the stake without an opportunity for recantation.

It came five years too late, and he recanted his recantation.

The recantation had seemed to himself to be almost base, and he had been ashamed of it.

Why go to the fire when a recantation will save you from it?