Cancellation [noun]

Definition of Cancellation:

calling off; erasure

Synonyms of Cancellation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cancellation:

Sentence/Example of Cancellation:

The foundation simultaneously announced the cancellation of the 2021 awards, as well as plans to work with an outside social justice agency to reevaluate policies and procedures of the awards.

The New York Times reported in August that several people who serve on the volunteer committee that oversees the restaurant and chef awards were unaware of the cancellation until hours before it was announced to the public.

The cancellation marks the first time in Comic-Con’s 50-year history that the event, the largest convention of its kind in the US, will not take place.

Most airlines, hotels, outfitters, and operators have responded to the pandemic by introducing flexible cancellation policies, with United, American, and Delta recently eliminating all change fees.

According to the company, Project Lighthouse will identify discrimination by measuring whether a renter’s perceived race correlates with differences in the rate or quality of that person’s bookings, cancellations, or reviews.

These deals require a significant upfront investment and commitment from brands, especially since cancellation clauses do not usually kick in for several months, according to Patrick Kelly, svp and group director digital investments at Havas Media.

The update also allows people to search for hotels that offer free cancellation quickly, with filters in search.

The cancellation of standardized tests was central to this progress.

When asked about the next steps following the combine’s cancellation, Anthony said that his trainer introduced the idea of a virtual pro day.

After the death of the insured the rights of the parties become fixed, and there can be no cancellation.