Undoing [noun]

Definition of Undoing:

destruction, misfortune

Opposite/Antonyms of Undoing:

Sentence/Example of Undoing:

He could not have chosen a more opportune time to confirm his own undoing.

Wherefore this caution against me, but (pardon me) for thine own undoing?

It is not the doing of a year; it is the undoing of the years.

Having enmeshed him, she confidently left him to complete his own undoing.

Murphy cast one despairing glance about him and slouched to his undoing.

The pages of history record its undoing and its accessory to crime.

She said her kind disposition would be the undoing of her and she knew it.

The table seemed likely to be his undoing instead of helping him.

He feared that men might be swayed by your eloquence to the undoing of such things as himself.

He little thought how that fruit of his vanity was to prove his undoing thereafter.