Humiliation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Humiliation:

The pandemic, police say, has exacerbated the practice — and the devastating humiliation that it can carry.

A national humiliation has been recast as an interesting piece of trivia, largely because the United States need no longer fear invasion by a foreign foe.

The Steelers packed a startling barrage of humiliation into the first quarter, a mixture of slapstick disaster and physical inadequacy.

LGBTQ Americans deserve the health care that they need without fear of mistreatment, harassment, or humiliation.

Prud'hon, in humiliation and despair, lived in a solitude almost complete.

She had not advanced as rapidly as she had hoped to do, and it would be insupportable humiliation to return.

And what humiliation to know that in your youth you are really wooed for the sake of the race alone, no matter what the delusions.

The royal family, imprisoned in the Tuileries, were each day drinking of the cup of humiliation to its lowest dregs.

Anger and humiliation extinguish my momentary impulse to rush to her assistance.

The doctor smiled again at the boy's high-minded openness, which must have cost an effort of self-humiliation.