Humbling [verb]

Definition of Humbling:

shame, put down

Opposite/Antonyms of Humbling:

Sentence/Example of Humbling:

Obese mice given HUMBLE or brown cells now weighed 20 percent more.

This week Natasha was on vacation, so Danny and your humble servant had to endeavor alone.

Yesterday Ocean Spray was humbled to gift Nathan with something of importance to him— a truck we knew he needed.

If the idea that Darwin humbled us has become canonical, what is less often observed is the fact that the newfound humility was, in certain important respects, misleading—and dangerously so.

In June, Paul attacked Fauci for not being more optimistic about the coronavirus, saying that Fauci wasn’t the “end-all” and that he should be more humble about what he didn’t know.

No small part of those energies in the business district were devoted to humbling the rival, in the matter of commerce.

I don't believe Marian needs humbling; one can't help liking her; and she's ever so good to look at.

She had succumbed to the monster, humbling herself below animals; and now she loved a hero, aspiring to the semi-divine.

It was a strange picture—this brilliant beauty, forgetful of pride and station, humbling herself to a poor candle seller.

Considering his late successes, we are surprised at his thus humbling himself to his foe.