Upgrade [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Upgrade:

That valley led into another with an upgrade, rocky and treacherous.

Stocks opened the year very strong; the markets are upon an upgrade.

We have agreed with Bulgaria and Hungary to upgrade our legations to embassies.

But our fundamental goals must be to reduce dependency and upgrade the dignity of those who are infirm or disadvantaged.

With a grinding roar, the motor struck the upgrade and came looming up the tunnel, filling it with its bulk.

Sellers being on the upgrade, a man with many pounds to his credit in the bank, had more leisure now.

This was the last serious setback to their number; since that time the population has been on the upgrade.

Heavy loads could be deposited on the cars used on these roads, and on a level or on an upgrade horses could draw them with ease.

As he swept upon the upgrade to the track, he heard from behind Peter Barrett's shout.

Raymond was urged to reconsider and to continue—the upgrade would soon be reached again.