Elevate [verb]

Definition of Elevate:

lift up

Synonyms of Elevate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Elevate:

Sentence/Example of Elevate:

“To become a household name you still need to tell a bigger story through a video ad,” said Allen Adamson, brand consultant and co-founder of Metaforce, adding that the shift toward offline channels could help “elevate” the brand.

Before this, Beyonce had elevated Lafalaise’s artistry by dawning a cowrie shell face mask called Lagbaja in her “Spirit” music video.

In short, SEO is a sustainable way to elevate your online presence and raise brand awareness.

Göbekli Tepe epitomizes two important changes that seem to have happened in parallel around 12,000 years ago, both of which involve societies beginning to separate themselves from, and elevate themselves above, nature.

On the upside, China’s stimulus to revive its economy is fueling demand for Australian commodity prices, keeping the terms of trade elevated in the second quarter.

In fact, the transition from in-person to virtual has elevated that agenda.

In 2016, Wilke was elevated to chief executive of the global consumer business.

Some agencies, in a need to fill a diversity and inclusion focused role, have opted to elevate employees who have shown passion for diversity and inclusion into new roles within the agency, said Thacker.

The one certainty about the Business Roundtable’s “Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation” is that it has elevated that topic to a new height in global policy debates.

The gunner's seat moved with the carriage, from which he could elevate or depress the muzzle by a lever.