Uplift [verb]

Definition of Uplift:

elevate, inspire

Synonyms of Uplift:

Opposite/Antonyms of Uplift:

Sentence/Example of Uplift:

She had gone home with a feeling of uplift and exultation in her heart.

It was as the signal to uplift the curtain and let my play-acting commence.

Which of these statues is calculated to uplift and to exalt all who come near?

There was no eagerness or uplift or even trouble at the name of Jeff.

"'Tis not the way to help or uplift mankind," said Spinoza mildly.

While I was wondering at it the fellow holding our horses was moved to uplift his voice.

With an uplift of the chin—a family habit—Paliser summoned the waiter.

With an uplift of the chin, the elder man flicked a crumb and sat back.

It is never the task of the minister to heal a mind and never the task of a physician to uplift a mind.

Malcolm of Inch-Grabbit had, it appeared, come to uplift the rents of the Barony.