Exhilarate [verb]

Definition of Exhilarate:

make very happy

Synonyms of Exhilarate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exhilarate:

Sentence/Example of Exhilarate:

The experience of working at the Pushkin, where the reproductions of her university textbooks were replaced by genuine works of art, exhilarated her.

I almost envy you the excitement of golf, which helps the fresh air to exhilarate, and gives variety of exercise.

Though he had just heard so much to exhilarate him, he was not, on the whole, free from melancholy.

Study well these books, sigor; for, believe me, you will find that they will exhilarate and improve your mind.

Wit serves to amuse or exhilarate but rarely produces useful reflection or an improvement of mind.

And as you increase it, or substitute for it vibrations more rapid against those myriad nerves, you exhilarate or intoxicate.

Something in his face seemed to exhilarate her, sending the blood like wine to her cheeks.

They do not merely exhilarate, but actually renew and add to us, more even than change of climate and season.

There is something in the air of Nejd, which would exhilarate even a condemned man, and we were far from being condemned.

The oysters and champagne seemed to exhilarate, if it did not refine, the Doctor's wit.