Quicken [verb]

Definition of Quicken:

make faster; invigorate

Synonyms of Quicken:

Opposite/Antonyms of Quicken:

Sentence/Example of Quicken:

When it boils, quicken the fire, and skim the pot carefully.

Therefore, he further permitted his horses to quicken their pace.

And how, on the other hand, are we to strengthen it, to quicken its sluggish blood?

We half wished they might appear, that the horses might quicken their paces.

It is the business of the sacred work to quicken his ear to it.

He knew, and his heart did not quicken nor his pulse increase so much as a beat.

More than once they had to quicken their pace to what Matty called a "dog-trot."

And a song has more than its own life, it has power to quicken, to breed.

Alone with the Westerner, Joyce felt her blood begin to quicken.

I quicken the pace of my horse somewhat, and continue my perilous course.