Vitalize [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Vitalize:

His is the task to develop and vitalize these smothered faculties and potentialities.

You, in your own city, with your own teachers, can vitalize your elementary schools.

Thus only was it possible for him to quicken and vitalize his powers to their fullest.

There was a spiritual atmosphere in the place that did not vitalize her blood.

It is a plain question of your ability to choose, arrange and vitalize things.

It will vitalize the influence of this nation in behalf of peace.

If we would bring joy to the masses why not first vitalize the classes?

To be content with the old forms and to vitalize them: that is the problem.

Youth and the love of it, of its beauty and strength, adorn and vitalize their grey antiquity.

Every subject needs a man to vitalize it for the ordinary student.