Stimulate [verb]

Definition of Stimulate:

excite, provoke

Synonyms of Stimulate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Stimulate:

Sentence/Example of Stimulate:

May the bright example of Lydia stimulate us to a similar conduct!

The sense of proportion within a design is employed to stimulate and delight the eye.

Nothing is too filthy to be used to stimulate the base sensuality of the public.

And now that it came it did not come to stimulate, but to palsy.

Every people have sought some article with which to stimulate the human system.

Her depravity did but stimulate her woman's shrewdness and tact.

A kettle of this was brewed, and it served to stimulate and warm them.

This was the second attempt he made to stimulate my curiosity.

A wearisome beaten path, with nothing to interest, nothing to stimulate me.

I have no occasion to stimulate your kindness and affection.