Trigger [verb]

Definition of Trigger:

cause to happen

Synonyms of Trigger:

Opposite/Antonyms of Trigger:








Sentence/Example of Trigger:

Had his fist in my face before I could get my finger on the trigger.

He had missed, and when the sergeant was ready to pull the trigger also Slade was gone.

He pressed the trigger at just the right time as the buck was rising in the air.

But he did not shoot, though one could see how his fingers must itch for the feel of the trigger.

Put up your sword, for the trigger falls easy, and my finger is a twitching.'

When I had levelled my gun, I thought of it quite plainly, and yet drew the trigger.

Very quietly he sat, waiting, his finger poised against the trigger.

No device of the trigger class is comparable with this in delicacy.

Taking a deliberate aim at one of them, he touched the trigger.

He had evidently put it to his mouth before pulling the trigger.