Generate [verb]

Definition of Generate:

produce, create

Synonyms of Generate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Generate:

Sentence/Example of Generate:

These employees play Pymetrics’s games to generate training data.

Bureaucratic roadblocks kept it from ever starting the study, let alone generating new policy ideas from what it found.

When the pouch is taken out of its airtight seal and exposed to oxygen, the iron powder causes an exothermic reaction, generating heat.

Many brands try to increase the number of search ad impressions they receive as a method of generating demand and awareness for a brand and its services.

Then, when you enter an airplane or a concert or a restaurant, it generates a QR code for the business to scan.

The first is continuing our transformation to a marketing team that is measured on generating revenue and making sure our programs and teams are focused on this goal.

That insight put a dent in the idea that a single law of nature generates aperiodic signals in everything.

However, the Pro Bowl quarterback found himself in a third-and-33 situation after a penalty and a sack and couldn’t generate enough magic.

According to the Danish government, the North Sea could generate 150 gigawatts of electricity by 2040—enough to power 150 million households.

Depending on the severity of reinfections and the length of immunity that’s generated by vaccines, we may or may not need additional booster vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 going forward.