Parent [noun]

Definition of Parent:

person, source of product

Synonyms of Parent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Parent:

Sentence/Example of Parent:

As between child and parent or nurse it is not argued about because it is inevitable.

But the yearning towards the parent country is too strong to be overcome.

I am a childless man, yet here I am as the parent of all of them.

It is the parent, the fosterer, the sole supporter of the slave-trade.

He then mentioned his intention, as a gentleman and a parent, of writing to Mr Merdle.

Mr. Montenero pressed me in his arms, with the affection of a parent.

Is not the author and parent of all our love, Cupid, as blind as a beetle?

The child, becoming in time a parent, assumes a parent's debt.

It will be readily seen that by this process the offspring are identical with the parent.

Eve turned quickly, and beheld the arms of her parent extended.