Fountainhead [noun]

Definition of Fountainhead:

principal source; person who originates

Synonyms of Fountainhead:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fountainhead:


Sentence/Example of Fountainhead:

There are many excellent maps issued, but it is best to go to the fountainhead, to the publications of the Ordnance Survey.

French Gothic churches are a fountainhead, and should rank first.

Your Spanish royalty is the keystone, the fountainhead, of Spanish society, is it not?

But to find the supreme example of Bahai tagiya we have to go to the fountainhead.

I think we English folk might learn from them to put more joy into our work, that fountainhead of life and health.

I always wanted to get some of the ancient nectar at its fountainhead, and the road was put down as "picturesque."

In his own country he is the fountainhead of a wide stream of literary influences that has ever broadened as it flowed.

There two hundred thousand people live and fatten upon the half million devotees coming annually to the idolatrous fountainhead.

In doing this, it must be borne in mind that the rural population, always at the fountainhead of food, fared much better.

Here is the fountainhead of truth, from which the two great streams of philosophical thought upon morals have diverged.