Architect [noun]

Definition of Architect:

person who designs buildings

Synonyms of Architect:

Opposite/Antonyms of Architect:


Sentence/Example of Architect:

He may be a villain, but at least Scar is an architect of his own devious life.

If we can tap into these enigmatic “neural codes”—the brain’s internal language—we could potentially become the architects of our own minds.

Anywhere you go as the country starts to reopen, there’s evidence of how small business owners, municipal employees and other people who aren’t trained architects or designers have MacGyvered their domains in the cause of public health.

In more than 7,500 of 10,000 simulations, Democrat Hubert Humphrey, a lead author of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, defeated Republican Richard Nixon, one of the architects of the modern war on drugs and national “tough-on-crime” politics.

Investors may take comfort in the likelihood that the architect of Japan’s negative interest rate policy, central bank governor Haruhiko Kuroda, will stick around and stay the course.

A group of architects were surveying the nearby 15th-century convent, a sturdy structure my good friend Michael lovingly restored about 20 years ago.

Manny Guaderrama, a former SDPD officer and the architect of the agency’s bolstered enforcement effort, is now on his way out.

As professional landscape architects, we worked for decades for the city in the Planning and Park and Recreation departments facilitating short- and long-range park planning and development citywide.

The architects of the Texas Rangers’ new home say its structure is a step forward in ballpark design.

In Vienna, they got the best architects to build these big housing buildings.