Engineer [noun]

Definition of Engineer:

person who puts together things

Synonyms of Engineer:

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Sentence/Example of Engineer:

In fact, researchers beyond Neuralink are working on it now, including Alik Widge, a psychiatrist and biomedical engineer at the University of Minnesota.

Future engineers might also look into developing qubits that are somehow less sensitive to radiation.

He’s a chemical engineer at the University of California, Davis.

Once again, engineers have to carefully set up the system for each ballpark.

Solving for these physical and psychological hurdles has kept architects, engineers and designers busy over the last few months.

Musk tweeted earlier this week about the company’s spaceport plans and a corresponding job posting for offshore operations engineers.

Between now and then, engineers like Kim have their work cut out for them to further scale and demonstrate their designs.

Second, data engineers should also document and catalog their datasets and the process they used to curate their models, indicating selectivity in their criteria as much as possible to demonstrate their involvement and creativity.

That’s when I learned that I could be an engineer and focus on these very cool vehicles for space travel.

Now, biomedical engineers are using it to make different types of medical implants.