Creator [noun]

Definition of Creator:

inventor; god

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Windheim is part of a new group of online creators who are toying with deepfakes as the technology grows increasingly accessible and seeps into internet culture.

The money will also bring in the creators that are making the Netflix series and all that.

One of the big stories for Apple lately is Fortnite creator Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple’s App Store fees—a key part of the titan’s services business that has long come under fire for antitrust concerns.

It does, however, have the foundations in place to be a success, from the creators to the Hollywood execs that bankroll it.

Now consider TikTok’s famed content-recommendation algorithm that powers its “For You” page and enables a video to go viral even if its creator doesn’t have many followers.

A TikTok spokesperson did not respond to an email asking how the platform will be selecting creators to receive payments or what the terms of those payments will be.

For the most part, though, publishers and creators are responsible and try not to insert mid-roll ads too frequently.

Alternatively, brands can invest in influencer marketing and collaborate with content creators who have their own established audiences to help grow their own audience.

One of the biggest problems I see today is that creative content creators are forced to focus their efforts on SEO rather than on creating better content.

I believe that if more creators have access to emerging technologies, the more diverse that landscape will become.