Producer [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Producer:

Spawn, why didn't you tell me you were a producer of quicksilver?

Every member of the whole organized association is a producer.

Yes, the producer will always claim the whole show if it all goes well.

You know that you owe your reputation as a producer to me, and don't be selfish.

Every member of every family in the future will be a producer of some kind and in some degree.

A bad road is an indication and a producer of degeneracy in man and beast.

For almost every producer in Victoria there is a non-producer in the capital.

In other words, it must have a social use-value, a use-value to others, and not merely to the producer.

The producer, be he ever so old or ever so often out of a job, can catch on again.

The producer cannot employ him because the wage is too high, and the hours are too short.