Mason [noun]

Definition of Mason:

construction worker

Synonyms of Mason:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mason:

Sentence/Example of Mason:

To Pope's corrections, which Garth adopted, Mason had added a comment.

Eileen and I have our house divided by a Mason and Dixon line.

His son William has been with me this winter, and goes in May to be an apprentice to a mason.

Mason received the threat as a joke, and laughed in Turkey's face.

I was still boiling with anger when I set off for the village to join Mason.

Mason before he's gone to the woods you'll have to hurry up.

It was almost impossible to reach the falls without the assistance of Mr. Mason.

Oh, don't underestimate it, Mason; quite thirty-six hours at least.

"You are always just in time, Mr. Mason," said Miss Sommerton.

"You two appear to be quite friendly," said Mr. Mason to the artist.