Sire [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sire:

They are a free company, sire, and they are called the White Company.

"We are your subjects, sire," said the Gascon barons, though with no very good grace.

They have journeyed far, sire, but they have never yet found their match.

"Old John will bide at home, sire," said the rugged soldier.

You won't get the dates exact and the name and number of each dam and sire.

He was my father, Sire, and I saw him slain—aye, and slew the slayer.

You have, sire, as I have heard, many friends at Bristol and in the Midlands.

"Rassendyll, sire," he answered; and I saw that the name meant nothing to him.

"He hopes soon to find a medicine for it, sire," he answered.

"You may be right, sire," said he, shaking his grey head sadly.