Lord [noun]

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Boxer Will Mondrich can be a 50 percent partner with a scandalous lord.

I looked forward to the UPS man like he was the lord and savior himself with packages of books and food my mother shipped, and soon we became friends.

As the composer of 20 musicals — with a 21st, a new version of “Cinderella,” being prepped for the West End — and proprietor of six London theaters through his company, Really Useful Group, this lord is unique in the business.

The crucial thing you need to know about them is that warriors always tell the truth, and lords always lie.

But with all her advantages Miss Solomonson failed with the old lord, and she abuses him to this day.

Ever since his majority Lord Hetton had annually entered a colt in the great race.

He passed through all the honors of the law, and in 1836 became lord chancellor.

But we must not class in this unclean category Lord Spunyarn and his friend Haggard, who were both playing at the big table.

That they may know thee, as we also have known thee, that there is no God beside thee, O Lord.

Her own dislike (it was indeed no less than dislike) of the living lord, her lasting love for the dead one.