Commandant [noun]

Definition of Commandant:

person in charge, female or male

Opposite/Antonyms of Commandant:

Sentence/Example of Commandant:

The Commandant was to take over the offices, staff, and functions of the late Civil Governor.

October 15, 1612, he was formally appointed commandant in New France.

As his reward the Minister of War promoted him colonel and commandant of the second regiment of horse artillery.

Randolph himself was very sorely bested, but he succeeded in killing the commandant; whereupon the garrison gave in.

The projection of land fixed upon for the site of a town, was named after the commandant (Captain Barlow).

Indeed, earlier that morning he had been closely questioned by the commandant, but had been equally reticent.

Fort Bizoton, Port-au-Prince, blown up by its commandant, in revenge of some supposed injuries received from his superiors.

The commandant took the letter and tore it open, scarcely giving Young Glory a glance.

Yet Young Glory could not get out of his mind the stranger who had passed him at the commandant's headquarters.

Coronado thought of making interest with the post-commandant to have Thurstane kept a few days in Santa Fé.