Peer [noun]

Definition of Peer:

person who is another's equal

Synonyms of Peer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Peer:

Sentence/Example of Peer:

And working men may keep the wall, and jostle prince and peer.

In the Peer's gallery were the foremost members of the House of Lords.

His father was a peer of France, one of the old nobility, and a General of Engineers.

Blinky snorted and stamped over to the window, stooping to peer at the machine.

A peer, a minister, a stranger to the county,—to come all this way to consult him!

The mechanic who works at the bench may possess it, as well as the clergyman or the peer.

Meantime, how fared the peer with the calmer and gentler sister?

Faces appeared at door and window openings to peer at me as we passed.

They peer into my window and try to catch a glimpse of the interior.

The peer evidently thought the same, for he led me aside by the elbow.