Companion [noun]

Definition of Companion:

helper, friend

Synonyms of Companion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Companion:

Sentence/Example of Companion:

The strategy is to establish itself as the default companion app for CGMs, but to do so it will need to gain access to CGM-generated data.

For the past couple of months, our pets have become our coworkers, confidants, and constant companions.

When my companions and I passed an enticing swimming hole in the high desert of northeastern Nevada, I slipped into bikini bottoms in the parking lot and back out of them again afterward.

Players can work with online friends, as well as virtual running companions, toward shared goals—running a combined distance of 10 miles, for example, or collecting imaginary potions from different locations.

Yet, the two brothers are each other’s most frequent opera and wine-tasting companion.

SB 230, a companion bill to AB 392, requires departments to re-write their use-of-force policies and to emphasize de-escalation in their training guidelines.

Gloria asked state auditors to look into the San Diego County Air Pollution Control District’s finances as a companion to AB 423, a law passed by Gloria last year to shake up the agency’s supervisor-dominated board.

These particles also have respective antimatter companions with opposite charge, which can bind together according to simple rules based on symmetries.

AB 392, the state law written by Assemblywoman Shirley Weber on police use of force, came with a companion bill that laid out new training requirements on de-escalation and communication.

A companion bill, SB 230, required that by 2021, police agencies throughout the state reflect those changes in their policies and make the policies publicly accessible.